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Now Is The Time To Buy Gun Stocks

In this blog post I’m going to get pretty frank, somewhat political, and very controversial. If you’re into sin stock investing, if you’re anyone else, you’ll hate it. Fair warning. On with the post… Gun stocks are exploding (in a good way) and investors are...
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Sin Stocks News November 4, 2014

Is Smith & Wesson Holding Corp a Good Sin Stock to Buy? – Motley Fool Motley Fool Is Smith & Wesson Holding Corp a Good Sin Stock to Buy?Motley FoolYou've heard of socially responsible investing (SRI), where investors steer clear of certain industries — for...
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Sin Stocks News September 19, 2014

Why Even the Righteous Should Invest in Sin – DailyFinance DailyFinance Why Even the Righteous Should Invest in SinDailyFinanceBoth the decision and Cramer's reaction highlight a long-running debate among investors: Should right-minded investors buy "sin" stocks? Typically these are companies involved in what can be...
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Sin Stocks News August 21, 2014

Does Social Responsibility Hurt a Company's Bottom Line? – Entrepreneur (blog) Entrepreneur (blog) Does Social Responsibility Hurt a Company's Bottom Line?Entrepreneur (blog)The Vice Fund is one of the few remaining "sin" funds that advertise their investment in alcohol, tobacco, gaming and defense stocks. Proponents are...
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Smith and Wesson Handgun Sales Up Nearly 30%

Dirty Harry: “We’re not going to just let you walk out of here” Thug: “Who’s we?” Dirty Harry: “Smith, Wesson, and me.” Colt 44: “Bang, bang, bang, (etc.) Love that movie! Well, Dirty Harry is happy. So are investors in gun/conflict sin stock Smith &Wesson...
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Guns Could Still Be A Good Play

In an article posted at 24/7 Wall Street entitled Is The Gun Trade Coming To An End?, the writer points out that two gun stocks have risen considerably in the past couple of years and he briefly examines why this might be. Smith & Wesson...
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What Are Conflict Sin Stocks?

Sin stocks are stocks that profit from vice — from things that perhaps comes with a social stigma or is related to some kind of taboo. Alcohol, tobacco, and gambling are the most well-known but there are others, including a group of sin stocks known...
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