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Philip Morris International: No Longer In The Cigarette Game???

The reporters rushed their headlines to print the latest sin stocks headline: “Philip Morris International giving up cigarettes” they declared. Seems like a corporate new years resolution with a do-good twist… Tobacco sin stock and cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris International (PMI), who markets brands like...
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Could Philip Morris International Change The Cigarette Game?

Is this sin stock creating something worse? Or better? Interesting news out of Asia with cigarette sin stock Philip Morris International (PMI)… Philip Morris International is well know for its international cigarette holdings like Marlboro, Chesterfield, and Parliament (and others). And, like all cigarette manufacturers,...
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Sin Stocks News June 18, 2015

3 Sin Stocks With 5% Dividend Yields – Motley Fool 3 Sin Stocks With 5% Dividend YieldsMotley FoolTwo such sin stocks are Big Tobacco majors Philip Morris International (NYSE: PM) and British American Tobacco plc (NYSEMKT: BTI). Philip Morris International operates the Marlboro brand in...
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Sin Stocks News February 12, 2015

Another Inconvenient Truth: Vice Pays – Capital Finance International Evening Standard Another Inconvenient Truth: Vice PaysCapital Finance InternationalThe politically correct and socially sustainable is, though certainly laudable, not particularly profitable. Investors shunning sin stocks manage portfolios that are, on average, significantly less profitable than those...
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Canadian Sin Stocks (Hint: It’s Not Mostly Beer)

Canadians: Known for hockey, stronger beer, cold weather, and politeness. But Canadians not without their vices. If you ask any Canadian what their vice is, they’ll probably tell you it’s Tim Hortons — the iconic coffee chain (basically what you’d get if Dunkin Donuts was...
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Does Warren Buffett Hold Sin Stocks?

Warren Buffett is the world’s oldest man most successful investor. Perhaps his success can be attributed to the fact that he was still a boy when stocks were invented, way back when the Dutch East India Company issued the first stock in 1602. Since then,...
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Sin Stocks News October 30, 2014

Is Sturm Ruger & Company a Good Sin Stock to Buy? – Motley Fool Is Sturm Ruger & Company a Good Sin Stock to Buy?Motley Fool"Sin stocks" are often considered a safe haven for investors when the market gets frothy. While most people immediately think...
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Sin Stocks News October 6, 2014

War – a minefield for ethical investors – The Globe and Mail War – a minefield for ethical investorsThe Globe and MailLike it or not, the sin stocks have tended to be safe stocks for investors who see profit as an amoral benefit, Mr. Rosentreter...
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Sin Stocks News September 19, 2014

Why Even the Righteous Should Invest in Sin – DailyFinance DailyFinance Why Even the Righteous Should Invest in SinDailyFinanceBoth the decision and Cramer's reaction highlight a long-running debate among investors: Should right-minded investors buy "sin" stocks? Typically these are companies involved in what can be...
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