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Suntory To Buy Jim Beam (BEAM)

I confess: If Alex Trebeck told me: “Things to drink from Japan”, I wouldn’t immediately say, “What is whiskey?” In fact, whiskey is pretty new to Japan. Japan’s first whiskey distillery wasn’t built until 1923. (Compare that to whiskey distilling in the US, which has...
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Should You Buy Vodka Stocks Right Now?

There’s an interesting phenomenon going on right now that alcohol sin stock investors need to pay attention to. I’m going to do a terrible job of summarizing it for you in one paragraph: According to critics, Russia has taken a strong stance against the gay...
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Big Beam Boost from Booze Blunder

With a homerun title like that, do I even need to write anything else? Okay, I will… so that future generations will know what the hell I was talking about, and to assure my mom that I’m not drunk right now. So, do you remember...
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Is Beam Inc. Weaker Because of its Weaker Maker’s Mark?

Beam Inc. (BEAM) is an alcohol sin stock that makes a variety of spirits, most famously Canadian Club whiskey, Jim Beam bourbon and Maker’s Mark bourbon. Maker’s Mark bourbon is a higher price-point bourbon and is marketed with a flavor of exclusivity, exacting standards, and...
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