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Millennials Are Killing Beer Stocks (Supposedly)

Millennials. People love to hate on ’em. According to this article from Business Insider, Millennials are killing a number of industries, from cereal to napkins (?)… and two sin stocks are on the Millennial chopping block: Alcohol sin stock: Beer and sex sin stock: soft...
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The Playbook For Investing In Millennial-Friendly Sin Stocks

Millennials. You’re either in the group, or you’re annoyed by them, or you’re a marketer who is desperately trying to decode them. Millennials are a massive group of consumers who are happy to spend money on travel, mustaches, and gourmet coffee… when they have money....
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Sin Stocks News June 3, 2015

The Real Winner From The Pacquioa Vs. Mayweather Fight Is RCI Hospitality … – Seeking Alpha The Real Winner From The Pacquioa Vs. Mayweather Fight Is RCI Hospitality …Seeking AlphaThe first is the investors who are unwilling to pay up for a sin stock. The...
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Sin Stocks News September 19, 2014

Why Even the Righteous Should Invest in Sin – DailyFinance DailyFinance Why Even the Righteous Should Invest in SinDailyFinanceBoth the decision and Cramer's reaction highlight a long-running debate among investors: Should right-minded investors buy "sin" stocks? Typically these are companies involved in what can be...
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7 Problems With Ethical Portfolios

As someone who reports on sin stocks, I sometimes catch some static from people about morality and whether or not ethics should come into play in our portfolios. I firmly believe: Ethics should be important to us as individuals (to quote George Costanza: “We’re trying...
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5 Ways To Diversify When Investing In Sin Stocks

Many investors swear by diversification, and it is a way to help eliminate some risks in your portfolio. But what does that mean for people who want to heavily weight their portfolio with sin stocks? Does that mean you need to reduce the amount of...
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Are Sin Stocks “Bad”?

I get asked this question a lot and my answers are frequently long-winded and rambling. It was no different during my Forbes interview when I was asked that same question. Mercifully, interviewer Susannah Breslin didn’t put in my full answer. Allow me to answer that...
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Investing Opportunities In Sex, Booze, and Crime

In this video, Fox Business reports on two types of sin stocks — sex sin stocks, alcohol sin stocks, and crime sin stocks. In the first part of the video (1:00 – 5:41), Fox Business interviews Anthony Previte, CEO of FriendFinder (FFN), a company that...
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