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US Cannabis Company Signs Deal With Canadian Pot Grower

Lots of interesting cross-border connections in pot stocks lately! The most recent one, as reported by Michael Larkin, is a partnership between US pot company Cura (CURA) and Canadian company Cronos Group (CRON). In the 5 year agreement, Cronos will supply the Canadian arm of...
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Cannabis Lenders: Are They The Next Sin Stock?

Every business needs capital to start. For most businesses—for businesses that AREN’T sin stocks (and even for some businesses that are sin stocks)—it’s usually a matter of going to the bank for a loan… … not necessarily simple but possible. And then there are cannabis...
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Aurora Cannabis To Open Cannabis Stores?

As reported in the Financial Post today, Aurora Cannabis acquired 19.9% stake in Liquor Stores N. A. Ltd, a company that operates retail liquor stores. The approach seems to be two-pronged: One strategy is to turn existing Liquor Stores into cannabis outlets. The other strategy...
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No One Knows What To Do About Pot

Pot. It’s complicated. Perhaps one of the more complicated sin stocks. And no one can decide what to do about it. At the federal level, the government is taking a stronger stance against pot. At the state level, it seems governors are easing up. Caught...
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The Playbook For Investing In Millennial-Friendly Sin Stocks

Millennials. You’re either in the group, or you’re annoyed by them, or you’re a marketer who is desperately trying to decode them. Millennials are a massive group of consumers who are happy to spend money on travel, mustaches, and gourmet coffee… when they have money....
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New Canadian Government May Legalize Marijuana

Earlier this evening, Canadians voted in a new federal government. The Liberal party, led by charismatic son-of-a-former-prime-minister Justin Trudeau, won by a considerable margin. (For non-Canadians: The Liberal party is a left-of-center party, akin to the the Democratic party in the US). Among their platform...
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Sin Stocks News May 20, 2015

10 'sin stocks' with huge cash flows – CNNMoney CNNMoney 10 'sin stocks' with huge cash flowsCNNMoneySin stocks are like the stock market's favorite uncle. They might drink, smoke, and gamble too much, but they're fun to watch, and they're always the life of the...
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Sin Stocks News March 19, 2015

Hemp Legalization Trend To Drive Tobacco Stocks – Seeking Alpha (registration) Hemp Legalization Trend To Drive Tobacco StocksSeeking Alpha (registration)As sin stocks have historically beaten the market over the long-term, there is probably little downside in owning these stocks, especially given these relatively attractive dividend...
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