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“Reverse” Sin Stocks Are In A Difficult Position

We live in complicated times: the sins (and sin stocks) of yesteryear are not necessarily the ones of today. (In fact, today’s companies are facing the “opposite” problem!) Does anyone really think it’s a sin to drink alcohol or own alcohol sin stocks? Alcohol may...
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Here’s Why Boycotting Gun Manufacturers Won’t Work

Another school shooting. Another debate about gun control. More calls to make changes. One side says to the arm the teachers, the other side says to ban guns out-right. While politics in general seems increasingly divisive in America, this issue is one of the biggest...
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Sin Stock Northrop Grumman (NOC) Is No Longer A Superhero

It’s easy to hate sin stocks like alcohol sin stocks, tobacco sin stocks, and gambling sin stocks. But when it comes to conflict sin stocks, it’s a challenge. We want a strong, well-equipped military to help us feel safe from terrorism. But some people feel...
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The Playbook For Investing In Millennial-Friendly Sin Stocks

Millennials. You’re either in the group, or you’re annoyed by them, or you’re a marketer who is desperately trying to decode them. Millennials are a massive group of consumers who are happy to spend money on travel, mustaches, and gourmet coffee… when they have money....
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Now Is The Time To Buy Gun Stocks

In this blog post I’m going to get pretty frank, somewhat political, and very controversial. If you’re into sin stock investing, if you’re anyone else, you’ll hate it. Fair warning. On with the post… Gun stocks are exploding (in a good way) and investors are...
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