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Lots of interesting cross-border connections in pot stocks lately!

The most recent one, as reported by Michael Larkin, is a partnership between US pot company Cura (CURA) and Canadian company Cronos Group (CRON).

In the 5 year agreement, Cronos will supply the Canadian arm of Cura with over 44,000 pounds of cannabis every year. Cura will use these supplies at a new plant in British Columbia to create cannabis oil products for the Canadian market and as a foothold for global supply.

How can investors win with this information?

  1. Watch for more of these cross-border agreements where restricted non-Canadian companies are connecting with Canadian manufacturers.
  2. Mark your calendar for 5 years from now and consider whether these two companies will renew their agreement.
  3. Dig into the data to find out where Cura will build its Canadian facility and see if that is an angle to invest in a related field.
  4. Pay attention to national markets that look to Cura (and ultimately Cronos) for supply. As pot laws change around the world, we may see an increase in demand.
  5. Don’t forget distribution! Think about how Cura will send out its cannabis oil product to Canadians and global customers.


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