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It all started with cheap whiskey.

You see, I wanted to love whiskey but never had the money when I was a just-out-of-college entrepreneur (more than) a few years ago. I just bought the cheap shit, poured it into a stubby glass, threw in some ice cubes because that’s what they did on TV, and tried to sip it.

It smelled like the hospital. And tasted worse.

Then a whiskey bar opened up in my city so I went and I spent a lot of time and money sampling whiskeys and, more importantly, learning how to enjoy a good whiskey. (Pro tip: no ice, just a few drops of water into a good whiskey in the right glass).

My interest in whiskey matured and my whiskey collection grew (thanks to my no-longer-broke financial status).

But I wanted to learn more.

That’s when I stumbled upon this video where the hosts of a YouTube show visit a guy who knows A LOT about whiskey…

Fast forward to 11:50 in the video and watch the next few minutes. Here’s what you learn: Distilleries don’t always make their own whiskey, they source it from other companies (for a variety of reasons).

And at 13:00 in the video above you hear the same thing I heard: nearly half of the distilleries in the US source their whiskey from one company, a company innocuously called MGP Ingredients Inc. (MGPI).

Yes, MANY of the alcohol sin stock distilleries in this big-ass list of sin stocks get their whiskey from one source: MGPI.

They’re a bulk producer, cranking out bulk whiskey that they sell to whiskey producers, who then slap a compelling label on the bottle and sell it to you and I. (They even tell you in the video how to tell if your whiskey is from MGPI).

But you’re not here for a lesson in whiskey. You want to know the financial implication. Well, check out their stock and their story. WOW. This company, which was founded in 1941, has seen some MASSIVE share price growth in the past 4 years, from about $12/share in 2014 to a peak of $98.06/share! Yet no one has heard of them because we’re all busy chasing after the companies that buy their products!

(Interestingly: their share dropped in July from a high of $96.06 down to low $70’s. Will it stay here? You decide. We don’t think so. We think this signals a buying opportunity… if we were so inclined to buy!)

This secret sin stock is KILLING it. And as Millennials and Generation Z turn away from big beer brands and look to spirits, MGPI might just the the “up-the-supply chain” investment worth considering!


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