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It was only a matter of time.

Everyone should have seen this coming. (We were reporting on it months ago: when Canadian Liquor Stores talked about opening Cannabis stores).

Alcohol sin stocks are buying into marijuana sin stocks.
Molson Coors (TAP) is investing into The Hydroponic Corporation (HEXO)
Constellation Brands (STZ) is investing into Canopy Growth (WEED)

Three reasons for this:

#1. Alcohol sin stocks are looking to expand, and reeling from wounded market-share

#2. Cannabis sin stocks are growing rapidly as the legalization of pot spreads

#3. They are complementary products with very similar distribution channels

Check out the Business Insider article here if you want to see their take on it)

Wondering How To Play This Opportunity?

I think other booze companies are taking notice. They’ll see where the opportunities are, and they’ll watch to see what happens with Molson’s and Constellation’s investments.

… will it be a distribution play?
… will it be all about beer infused pot?
… will it be all about pot infused beer?
… or something else entirely?

If you think Molson or Constellation or HEXO or Canopy will benefit and grow because of this then your investment options are clearer. If you think that other booze companies will jump on soon enough then you may want to get in now and hold until more announcements are made.

I’m calling it here: weed-infused gin.


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