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One story we’re following is whether Juul will become publicly traded. Pay attention in case they do!

Juul, formerly part of Pax Laboratories, this company became its own company in 2017. Juul makes a popular e-cigarette… so popular, in fact, that it just raised hundreds of millions of dollars, bringing its valuation to an estimated $15 Billion dollars.

What’s interesting about this company is its approach: it was created to provide a product to an older clientele who want to quit smoking yet its product is wildly popular with younger audience who are unaware of the nicotine content of this product.

The company is in start-up mode and is not publicly traded yet. But we believe that this company, if e-cigarettes continue as they will, will either become publicly traded soon, or will be acquired by an existing tobacco sin stock. The latter is possible because traditional cigarette companies are suffering from market saturation of their products and some companies are almost too big to expand further without triggering complicated anti-monopoly inquiries.

How investors can play this:

If you are a sin stocks investor, watch for one of two things to likely happen:

  1. Juul will become publicly traded itself
  2. Juul will be acquired by a publicly traded cigarette company that wants to skip the research and development to acquire a company with an existing product and customer base

(Read an article about this company on NASDAQ’s website.)



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