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As 2017 fades into our rearview mirror, investors are breathing a sigh of relief at all the doom and gloom that the pessimists predicted when Trump took office.

2018 is here and it’s hot, baby!

In fact, it may be a good time to consider adding sin stocks to your portfolio.

According to this article on the NASDAQ website from just a couple days ago, there are a few sin stock categories to look at right now…

Gambling sin stocks are on everyone’s radar this year, especially internationally. Japan may be looking to expand the gambling licenses it grants, presumably to attract more foreign dollars into that country. Macau continues to attract gamblers too.

Alcohol sin stocks are celebrating a reduction in taxes, which lowers their per-barrel cost. This will either allow them to drop the prices and pick up more clients or (more likely) to bump up prices slightly (consumers won’t notice) and generate more profit.

Marijuana stocks also show potential as states legalize the sale of pot. Pot investors would do well to be cautious here, though, because the federal government seems undecided on how it wants to treat these companies.

Read the full article here, including the one sin stock category that is remaining stable but shows signs of concern for investors.


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