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Millennials. People love to hate on ’em.

According to this article from Business Insider, Millennials are killing a number of industries, from cereal to napkins (?)…

and two sin stocks are on the Millennial chopping block:

Alcohol sin stock: Beer and sex sin stock: soft core restaurants.

You should read the article for more info (plus links to other sources) but basically the article reports that young drinkers are choosing not to drink beer (but choosing wine and spirits instead); furthermore, the article says they aren’t buying at restaurants like Hooters, and it draws some parallels to a decline in specific searches on porn sites.

We have to wonder, though, if this has less to do with an interest in wine and spirits and a lack of interest in breasts, or rather a higher awareness of drink quality and sexism.

The beer industry is noticing, as is softcore restaurants like Hooters and Twin Peaks. They’re feeling the financial change and are adjusting course. As an investor, you have to choose what type of strategy you support with your investment dollars: will they make a change that attracts Millennials again? Should they even bother? Are there other sin stocks that Millennials might have a greater interest in?


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