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It’s easy to hate sin stocks like alcohol sin stocks, tobacco sin stocks, and gambling sin stocks.

But when it comes to conflict sin stocks, it’s a challenge.

We want a strong, well-equipped military to help us feel safe from terrorism. But some people feel icky about companies that make money from conflict.

And even though Northrop Grumman (NOC) provides a lot of services to the American military, it’s one of those gray-area companies that people would prefer to turn a blind eye to.

So, when they recently announced an partnership with Marvel (yes, the superhero company), it brought the ickiness factor into the light. It made the “evil necessity” of military support into something that entertained children… and that was the tipping point. You can read in Variety about the quick almost overnight relationship that this conflict sin stock had with Marvel.

People weren’t having it.

So, as quickly as they announced a partnership, Marvel and Northrop Grumman announced its dissolution.

This had an interesting potential to raise the profile of a necessary organization, while also even having some STEM benefits too!

But nope. We can’t have both those things together.

And so we will never speak of this again.


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