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The recent Las Vegas shooting was horrible. Let’s just denounce that right away as the most important thing. We hope it never happens again.

In spite of our snarky tone, we are news reporters so you are getting the news.

As Americans wake up to the tragic reality that these shootings happen, we notice that it benefits a group of people: defense sin stock investors.

The reason is simple:

Mass shootings create fear.

People don’t want to be afraid so they buy things to protect themselves. Like guns. (Even though, strictly speaking, a gun would not have been an effective deterrent during the Las Vegas shootings.)

Those guns are bought from gun manufacturers.

And when purchases increase at these gun manufacturers, the stock price increases.

Therefore, in a very grim way (that feels a little gruesome to be reporting on), mass shootings make gun sin stock companies’ stock prices rise.

This article from Mic breaks down recent mass shootings and their effect on stock prices.

And that’s all we’re going to write about this topic because we are not celebrating the stock price rise; simply noting that it happens. We want mass shootings to end.


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