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Besides selling “sin” as a publicly traded company you might want to know: what other impacts do sin stocks have on the world?

What Other Impacts Do Sin Stocks Have On The World?

Sin stocks. Look, we all know what they sell. SIN! For the most part, they sell alcohol, tobacco, and gambling escapes.

But do sin stocks have any other impact on the world besides the potentially unsuitable products and services they sell and the potential harm those products and services to to humankind?

Consider these impacts:

On the plus side…

  • Sin stock companies employee literally millions of people worldwide. From the farmers who grow tobacco leaves and barely to make beer, to the men and women who work at the factors and breweries and distilleries and casinos and prisons, to the distributors and retail people who make sure you can have your bottle of Budweiser or pack of menthols.
  • The sale of sin stock products — whether alcohol, cigarettes, or even the services of a casino — all generate tax dollars… a massive amount of tax dollars.
  • Sin stocks keep us safe. Defense sin stocks and prison sin stocks help to keep bad things from happening or, when they do, they put bad people away.
  • Casino sin stocks may not be everyone’s idea of a fun vacation but certainly they have transformed Las Vegas into a family friendly destination, entertaining millions of people every single year.
  • Sin stocks have saved towns from extinction. A recent article in BusinessInsider described tiny American 5 towns that were on the verge of vanishing (primarily because of a lack of jobs) but pot companies moved in and provided jobs and saved the towns. Or consider what casino sin stocks have done for Las Vegas!

On the negative side…

  • Alcohol sin stocks and tobacco sin stocks and gambling sin stocks and pot sin stocks are, well, often linked to addiction. Addiction creates an enormous cost on families and on society in general. Granted, these particular sins (alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and pot) may not be nearly as bad as other things (like meth, for example) but they still create challenges.
  • Some defense sin stocks create weapons that fall into the wrong hands. A gun made by a gun manufacturer could be sold legitimately to an ethical user or it could be sold to (or stolen by) a criminal or terrorist.

This is a big question for investors to answer for themselves to determine whether or not they should invest in sin stocks: Do sin stocks promote vices and contribute negatively to society or are the products themselves neutral and it’s up to the users to use them properly?

Anti-sin-stock investors will say that these companies should not exist because they don’t contribute positively to society; pro-sin-stock investors will say that it’s up to the user.


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