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Not all investors want to own individual sin stocks. Maybe you don’t have the time to find the stock or you don’t want to constantly watch the price. So you might be wondering, are there any sin stock ETFs?

Are There Any Sin Stock ETFs?

This is a topic we have covered in the past in the popular post: Sin Stocks ETF — Does One Exist And How Can I Trade It?

It’s an important question because not all investors want to own individual sin stocks. There are many reasons why — maybe you want to own a whole bunch but don’t have the capital, or maybe you don’t want to do the due diligence on all of them, or maybe you like that someone else is also paying attention to fund/ETF due diligence, balancing, etc.

While there isn’t an ETF that covers all sin stocks, there are three ETFs that cover different categories within sin stocks…

There’s an ETF of gambling sin stocks called VVanEck Vectors Gaming ETF (BJK) which tracks casinos.

There’s an ETF of alcohol sin stocks (specifically whiskey) called Whiskey ETF (WSKY) that trades companies associated with the distillation of spirits.

There’s an ETF of marijuana sin stocks called Horizons Medical Marijuana Life Sciences ETF (HMMJ), which is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange.


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