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One way that investors can decide whether or not specific stocks are right for them is to see if other investors own that stock too. So you might be wondering, does Donald Trump own sin stocks?

Does Donald Trump Own Sin Stocks?

It’s dangerous to be a copycat in investing. After all, the person you are copying could have jumped into an investment at a different time (and therefore at a better price). That said, it can help to know when other investors are investing in something. Surely if it’s good enough for Donald Trump’s portfolio, it may be good enough for yours, right?

Donald Trump’s stock holdings were private for many years. However, when he ran for president in 2016, he filled out a form that listed his holdings.

His report lists a variety of holdings, including real estate (no surprise) and T-Bills (really? I thought only my grandma owned those).

Among his holdings include a stock portfolio of somewhere between $33.4 million and $87.9 million.

And among his stocks, Trump owns sin stocks. Specifically, he has holdings in tobacco sin stocks, alcohol sin stocks, and conflict/defense sin stocks:

(He also invests in Halliburton (HAL), which used to be a defense sin stock until they spun that company off into its own entity, KBR (KBR)).

Notably, he doesn’t own any gambling sin stocks or crime sin stocks.

The equities portion of his report was published on BusinessInsider.

(Disclaimer: This information is accurate as of the time of this writing. Be aware that investors may make buying or selling decisions at any time.)


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