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It’s been evident so far that there are many different sin stocks. We’ve hinted at a few in the questions we’ve been answering so far but now it’s time to answer the question, “What kind of sin stocks are there?

What Kind Of Sin Stocks Are There?

Since the term “sin stocks” is an informal term describing investments that are typically taboo or dangerous, just about any type of stock can be called a sin stock. As we’ve discussed in previous questions, someone who practices Islam might have a very different list of stocks they consider “sin stocks” versus someone who is a fundamentalist Christian versus someone who holds to no specific beliefs.

However, traditionally, sin stocks have included the following:

Along with these, some people would also include the following:

And one of the most recent sin stock groups is:

We also include a couple of other sin stock types in our coverage:

  • Sex sin stocks which include publicly traded strip clubs and adult magazines
  • Crime sin stocks like for-profit prisons (which may not always be considered a traditional sin stock but they make their money in a way that can be considered taboo — namely, doing a job that most people think the government should be doing, much like private military companies)
  • Financial sin stocks was our most controversial addition to the sin stocks list but we believe that usurious payday loan companies fit the description for sin stocks

In the future, you should watch for other sin stocks, like fast food companies or those that employ sweatshop labor.


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