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Before we can dig into sin stocks, and what they are, and what the opportunity is for sin stocks investors, we need to start at the very beginning by asking the question, “what is sin?

What Is Sin?

To answer this question, we need to start with religion… everyone’s favorite subject!

Every religion has a standard code of conduct; it might be written or verbally communicated. The people who adhere to that code are the faithful followers. And those who fail to adhere to the code? Their actions are described as “sin”. Sin is a term used by religions to describe any action that go against the preferred standard of righteousness established through that religion’s code. Sins could be things you do or things you are supposed to do but don’t do that break from the approved standard.

It’s complicated, though, because different religions apply the word differently. Even different denominations within one religion (such as the many denominations within Protestant Christianity) will apply the word differently.

It should be noted that just because someone labels an activity as a “sin” doesn’t mean it is one from a religious perspective. Take drinking, as an example, within the Protestant Christian community. Some Protestants avoid any alcohol to avoid the appearance of drinking and would suggest that even drinking is a sin; other within Protestant Christianity are fine with consuming alcohol because it was an acceptable activity in The Holy Bible. (In fact, the only admonishment was against drunkenness, not drinking.)

And we’re not harshing on Christianity specifically here. This is true for every religion. No matter what the religion, the word itself denotes a judgmental approach — of someone who assesses an activity negatively, as a “sin”.

While the word is still used as such among the faithful adherents to a given religion, it has become a familiar word even in the secular world to describe activities that are taboo in some way. Most people are familiar with the word even if they themselves don’t adhere to any specific religion, but many simply have heard the word used to cast judgment on others.

Taboo activities may include drinking (which is a holdover from Prohibition and the WASP lifestyle that made up middle America through most of the twentieth century), cigarettes, gambling, and pornography, but could include others as well (as we do here at Sin Stocks Report).

Along with the word “sin”, the word “vice” is commonly used, perhaps as a way to better describe the potentially taboo-yet-guilty-pleasure nature of certain activities. “Vice” has less of a religious connotation, yet “sin” is so ingrained culturally that we tend to use it more.

Sin, therefore, has religious overtones but is a popular term used to describe taboo activities. And these taboo activities, as we will see, are the basis for an informal group of investments known as “sin stocks“.


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