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In a recent post about Millennials and sin stocks entitled, ‘The Playbook For Investing In Millennial-Friendly Sin Stocks, we discussed how demographic trends where potentially shifting the the landscape for sin stocks and those who invest in them.

Well, no sooner did we publish that post than an article appeared in our newsfeed that demonstrated the impact of Millennial consumers on companies, brands, and stocks.

Gambling, we said in the Millennial Sin Stocks Playbook post mentioned above, had the potential to be a big winner for Millennials because they love to travel for memorable experiences but potentially lack the money to do so.

And we said that casinos were well-positioned to provide that experiential travel PLUS the ability to win big money.

But one thing we didn’t consider, which was highlighted in this article from the LA Times, is that Millennials are also looking for exciting experiences. Slot may not necessarily appeal to them since they were raised on video games. So, casinos are exploring how gaming could potentially provide a gambling avenue for Millennials (and thus, a revenue opportunity for gambling sin stocks, and thus, an investing opportunity for sin stock investors.

Harrah’s Casinos just brought in video-game-style gambling; it’s already in use in Caesars Casinos (CZR), and MGM Casinos (MGM) are said to be next.

Make sure you read this article from the LA Times to get the full story

This is likely just the beginning. Are there other gaming/gambling trends in the future? What other casinos are going to jump on this? And, who is likely going to come out the winner?

We think: it won’t be long before popular video game companies will start licensing well-known gaming brands to casinos to incorporate into their gambling, which means fans of (for example) Halo might have to go to a certain casino to gamble on Halo-specific brands.


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