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Trump’s immigration plan is either horrifying or long overdue, depending on your political views.

But regardless of your political views, it’s happening.

And if you’re a sin stocks investor, there’s a way that you might be able to benefit…

In an article that was originally published in The Texas Tribune and later republished in Business Insider, we read about for-profit prison company The GEO Group (GEO) that is building a $110 million dollar complex in Houston Texas to house immigrants. The facility is expected to be finished near the end of 2018 and will generate $44 million in annual revenue.

So, how can you benefit? Here are a few ways…

  1. If you think that GEO’s project will continue and will achieve the revenue benchmarks, and especially if you think GEO will get additional contracts for similar facilities as Trump’s immigration plan picks up, then an investment into GEO might make a lot of sense.
  2. Building for this facility, and others like it, will need to happen by someone. Who? I’m not sure. But if you know then it might be a good bet as well.
  3. Remember that GEO isn’t the only for-profit prison company. There’s also Avalon (CITY) and Corrections Corporation of America (CXW). Will they win any similar contracts?
  4. Mark your calendars, though, because during the next election, everything could change and a Democrat could enter the White House with an entirely different agenda.


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