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A site we really like here at SinStocksReport is TheStreet… and recently they’ve given us even more of a reason to like them!

Earlier this week they reported on 5 sin stocks that are breaking out — whose technical indicators suggest they could be headed for higher values.

Although we tend to follow the fundamentals more closely than the technicals, we still love a good chart and these are some damn sexy stock charts.

In TheStreet’s article, These 5 Big Sin Stocks Are Breaking Out Right Now, they start by talking about the VICEX Barrier Fund (VICEX) (formerly the Vice Fund), and then focus in on 5 specific sin stocks with compelling technicals. And these stocks cover the gamut of sin stocks. They cover…

So if you love sin stocks (you should!) and if you love TheStreet (you should!) and if you love technical analysis (I guess you could if you wanted to!) then get over to TheStreet right now and read the full article here…

These 5 Big Sin Stocks Are Breaking Out Right Now


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