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In this blog post I’m going to get pretty frank, somewhat political, and very controversial. If you’re into sin stock investing, if you’re anyone else, you’ll hate it.

Fair warning. On with the post…

Gun stocks are exploding (in a good way) and investors are jumping on board to buy them. Normally the fundamentals say “buy low and sell high” and gun stocks like Smith & Wesson (SWHC) and Sturm, Ruger (RGR) are actually getting pretty high.

… But I believe they’ll get higher still. I think we’re only seeing the beginning of a massive run-up of gun stocks fueled by a lot of things.

It’s complicated. I wrote an essay on it. If you want to skip my essay, read this excellent article from BusinessInsider about it, which says “Both SWHC and RGR are up triple-digits since the beginning of 2015”.

Now here’s my essay on why you should be thinking about buying gun stocks right now.


To the outside world, Americans love guns. Guns are integral to American culture; they’re the problem-solvers on TV shows and movies; they were essential to American history and American military victories; they’re status symbols.

Gun ownership is so important to Americans that it’s amended right into the US Constitution and it’s a fiercely debated topic on both sides of the debate:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

But the reality is, it’s not about guns, it’s about personal protection, independence, and an assertion of personal freedoms. Guns are the tools — and the symbols — for this mindset.

This sense of personal safety and independence is fueled by a few things. Among them…

  • Patriotism and independence (“I’m an American so I need a gun”)
  • Fear and safety (“There are dangerous people out there so I need a gun”)
  • Justice and heroes (“If there’s a problem, it can be solved with a person with a gun”)

The more these feelings are heightened (i.e. the more patriotic someone feels or the more fear someone feels) the greater the perceived need for a gun.

That’s important because…


We have a need to protect ourselves:

My family has been robbed numerous times. I’ve been robbed at gunpoint once and assaulted more than once. (Geez, time to move!) The sense of frustration and helplessness during those times are overwhelming.

And you only need to turn on the news to sometimes feel the same sense of overwhelmedness… there is violence in the world (I’m not talking only of gun violence but of violence in general). Violence occurs around the corner and across the globe. It makes us feel frustrated, and sometimes it makes us feel that injustice is winning. Normal people want to right those wrongs.

The more fearful we are (which is heightened by the barrage of constant newsmedia headlines) the more we want to protect ourselves. And guns fit that sense of protection.

Politicians are driving it further

On top of the negative newsmedia is the political rhetoric, which is especially loud right now during an election cycle. Politicians trumpet their points of view, perhaps with hyperbole (or perhaps not).

The democratiest of the Democrats talk about including everybody, the republiciniest of the Republicans talk about excluding everybody. Both of these loud voices on opposite sides of the spectrum are heightening the debate with each passing day.

I believe BOTH parties push people to buy guns. For example, they buy guns out of their sense of fear from Democrats gaining office and opening the borders to people who do not have American interests at hear, and they buy guns out of their sense of fear from Republicans gaining office and then taking a strong military stance on the world stage that will lead to stronger attacks against Americans. (This isn’t the whole picture but just a slice of it).


American gun culture is built around a sense of independence and personal freedom, and that mindset is built on patriotism, fear, and justice.

Well guess what: none of those things are going away. In fact, it’s highly likely that those things will become heightened over time. And when we want to do something about our patriotism, our fear, or our sense of justice, what do we do?

Simple: We buy guns. Lots of guns.

So smart sin stocks investors will buy gun stocks like Smith & Wesson (SWHC) and Sturm, Ruger (RGR).

Disclaimer: If you’re reading this and wondering if I’m “pro gun” or “anti gun” you should know — I fall on the pro side. I think guns, like any other device, are useful in the hands of the right people and dangerous in the hands of the wrong people… but that doesn’t mean NO ONE should have access to them. However, I’m doing my best to take a balanced, even journalistic approach in this article. But then I post videos like this because I find them funny…


Did you know that gun stocks are just the beginning? At Sin Stocks Report, we’ve identified a larger list of sin stocks that includes gun stocks and other kinds of military-related “conflict stocks”… including makers of military-grade equipment that the American military uses all over the world.


Nothing on this site is a recommendation because, hey, I can't read your mind and I don't know what you have in your portfolio, and I'm not a licensed financial advisor. So never EVER trade without doing your due diligence. If you want more information about this fascinating topic, please check out the Sin Stocks Disclaimer page which basically says the same thing but more emphatically.