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SINA. This not a sin stock but just a plain old media company operating in China.

SINO. Also not a sin stock but just boring Chinese shipping company.

SEXR. This is not a sex sin stock but is actually an index of Seattle home prices, specifically the S&P Case-Shiller WA-Seattle Home Price Index. In somewhat of a stretch of the definition, you could identify housing upgrades as an indicator of (ahem) “activity” when a family needs to add more bedrooms for their growing family. But I wouldn’t define this (or other home price indexes) as a sin stock.

SEXHF. This is also not a sex sin stock but rather an OTC-traded company that manages expressways in China (by maintaining the roads and collecting tolls). Nothing sexy about that!

CIG. You’d think that this would be a great symbol for a tobacco sin stock company but no. It’s a symbol for Companhia Energ, an energy company operating in Brazil.

CIGEF. And this is also not a tobacco sin stock but a food and beverage company in China.

GUN. This symbol would be perfect for a conflict (firearms) sin stock but it’s the TSX Venture Exchange symbol for an exploration company mining for gold and silver.

GUNR. This is not a conflict sin stock. Rather, it’s the much easier to remember symbol for the awkwardly named FlexShares Mstar Gbl Upstrm Nat Res ETF, an ETF tied to upstream natural resources selected by MorningStar(R).

Honorable Mention
BUD – AnheuserBusch InBev: This alcohol sin stock a “sinful” stock symbol but it’s tied to their flagship product, Budweiser, and has nothing to do with marijuana sin stocks.


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