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Medical marijuana has been getting a lot of press. Everyone has an opinion and they tend to polarize between “yes” and “no” with very little middle ground. And yes, there ARE publicly traded companies working in this space and since marijuana has moved from back alleys to doctors’ offices, it’s not a surprise that it is highly regulated. These factors tell us that marijuana is the next sin stock.

I haven’t covered them very much here because, until recently, these companies have been buried in the hard-to-research and mostly sketchy OTC netherworld… and I’m too lazy to go hunting for them. But the first marijuana grower is trading on a real exchange (well, the TSX-Venture exchange which is like the pimply-faced younger brother of the TSX but it’s still a real exchange), and I think this will set the precedent for more marijuana sin stocks to come.

You can view the marijuana sin stocks I’m covering in the definitive list of Sin Stocks, and more will be added as I descend into that dark, musky world to find them. But as of the time of this writing, here’s what I’ve found so far.

On a related note: Trailer Park Boys has just been picked up for a couple of seasons on Netflix (NFLX). This is a hilarious, pro-pot Canadian “mockumentary” show. The first 2 seasons were the best.


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