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Dirty Harry: “We’re not going to just let you walk out of here”

Thug: “Who’s we?”

Dirty Harry: “Smith, Wesson, and me.”

Colt 44: “Bang, bang, bang, (etc.)

Love that movie!

Well, Dirty Harry is happy.

So are investors in gun/conflict sin stock Smith &Wesson (SWHC).

Smith & Wesson just released their third quarter results and, according to a BusinessInsider article entitled “Smith & Wesson Earnings”, the company has enjoyed a pretty good quarter.

In the “pretty good results” category, third quarterly net sales are up 7.1% over the same quarter last year.

But then there’s the “wow, awesome!” category: Handgun sales increased 29.9% over the same quarter last year.

Now, thugs who try to rob coffee shops stand even less of a chance!


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