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Budweiser. Beer of America. Beer of rednecks and tailgates parties and autoworkers everywhere.

For years it enjoyed a firm hold on the beer-swilling drinking public but that market share is declining.

To improve things, they fancied up their drink with weird cans and flavors. (IMO, they sullied their brand). They’ve also changed their marketing agency more times than I change my underwear (4 times since June 2011, if anyone is counting).

According to this article, Budweiser’s parent company InBev AB (BUD) is desperately hoping that its latest marketing choice will turn things around.

Will it work? I don’t know. But what I do know is that the company is hoping to find SOMETHING in its marketing agency. And, with the little patience they’ve shown for marketing (4 marketing agencies in approximately 30 months is one every 7.3 months… heck, babies take longer than that!) I wonder if they aren’t even sure what they want.

Will the price of BUD go higher with this new marketing scheme? Well, consider what a great marketing effort did for a the good folks who make Dos Equuis. But good marketing is not easy to do.

Bottom line? Budweiser has a problem but they don’t know what it is. Are they bailing water on a sinking ship?


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