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These 7 companies would be sin stocks if they were publicly traded. But they’re not. (At least not right now).

1. Stolichnaya

This is a privately owned vodka distillery that would easily be an alcohol sin stock if it ever went public. I mention it in another blog post Should You Buy Vodka Stocks Right Now? It is headquartered in Luxembourg and actually distills its vodka in Latvia, so I’m not sure if those would be detriments to it going public.

2. Russian Standard

This is another privately owned vodka distillery that would be an alcohol sin stock if it was publicly traded. (You can also read about it in my blog post Should You Buy Vodka Stocks Right Now?). The CEO also owns some financial organizations. Of the two vodka distilleries I mention in this post, I believe Russian Standard is the company most likely to go public.

3. Playboy Magazine

The biggest brand in men’s entertainment would be a sex sin stock if it were publicly traded. And, in fact, it used to be publicly traded and the company bought back all shares and went private in March 2011.

4. Hustler Magazine

Hustler Magazine is one men’s magazine from Larry Flynt, and it pushes the limits in terms of what it shows (compared to Playboy). This would be yet another sex sin stock if it were publicly traded. Interestingly, Flynt tried to buy out Playboy when it was publicly traded but Hefner refused to sell.

5. Hooters Restaurants

This famously “titillating” restaurant would be a sex sin stock if its owners took the company public. Obviously it doesn’t sell sex to the same degree as the companies listed above (One is PG-13 and the stocks above are rated R) but there’s no mistaking what it does sell. Of all the companies on this page, I can see this one as being the most likely to go public next, primarily to fund expansion and brand strengthening. Interesting side note: I watched an episode of Undercover Boss recently that featured the CEO of Hooters and he seemed surprised that Hooters was not considered a family restaurant.

6. Maxim Magazine

Tame by comparison to the two other magazines listed in this post, Maxim Magazine (and its several associated magazines) are basically almost sex sin stocks without actually showing anything too naughty. Sort of like the Hooters of magazines, I guess. But there are enough pages dripping with sexuality that this company would qualify as a sin stock.

7. Centric Group or Keefe Group

Never heard of this company? Neither has anyone else. This little company is tucked away in Missouri and they’re a holding company that runs a bunch of other companies no one has ever heard of it. Innocent, innocuous stuff, really. But one of the companies Centric Group owns is Keefe Group. Keefe Group provides commissary products, personal care, clothing, and technology to the prison system. So if your incarcerated relative wants to buy a bag a chips and then type you a letter on a typewriter (yes, a typewriter), they can buy those things through the commissary which is stocked by Keefe Group, which is owned by Centric Group. So if either of these two companies became publicly traded, that would make them crime sin stock.

Who knows if these companies will ever become publicly traded or not. But if they do, this is your advance warning.


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