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While many investors buy stocks for the capital gains potential, that’s not the only reason to buy stocks. (Note: A vote at the company’s annual meeting is the worst possible reason to buy stocks. An only slightly better reason to buy stocks is bragging rights around your “he-thinks-he’s-all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips” brother-in-law when you see his smarmy face at Christmas).

584264_47223685Another reason to buy stocks is for dividends. Dividend-payments from the stocks you own are like tiny little drops of awesome being deposited into your piggy bank over and over and over again. And while you aren’t likely going to run out and buy a Mercedes Benz because of the dividends you get, hey, it’s money you didn’t have before.

That makes sin stocks extra tasty.

So I was pleased to learn that TheStreet.com wrote an article entitled 5 Sin Stocks Ready For Dividend Boosts in which they described, well, 5 sin stocks that seemed like they might boost their dividend. (Duh).

The article based their prediction around the following three criteria: The sin stock needed to have “a solid balance sheet, a low payout ratio, and a history of dividend hikes.”

And then, in 6 glorious increase-the-page-count-to-increase-advertising-rates pages, they listed the sin stocks and the reasons.

Spoiler alert: They list Phillip Morris International (PM), Wynn Resorts (WYNN), Beam (BEAM), Molson Coors Brewing (TAP), and International Game Technology (IGT). I’m not going to rip off the entire article so go over there if you want to ready the details.

A nice trifecta of alcohol sin stocks, tobacco sin stocks, and gambling sin stocks.

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