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Sin Stocks News August 30, 2013

Can You Profit From a Syrian War and Still Sleep at Night? – DailyFinance Can You Profit From a Syrian War and Still Sleep at Night?DailyFinanceBut at this particular moment, oil stocks are a kind of "sin stock." If oil prices skyrocket 40% in a...
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Sloth and envy: How Labor Day contributes to sin stocks

In just a couple of days, employees around America will put down their pens and nametags (and whatever other things they use for work) and they will celebrate a long weekend called “Labor Day” with hotdogs, sun screen, and beer. Labor Day was introduced as...
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Are E-Cigarettes A Sin Stock?

One of the reasons that smokers have a hard time trying to quit is because there are physical “costs” (withdrawal symptoms) as well as psychological an social costs as well. Smokers who are trying to quit not only crave the nicotine but also miss out...
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Sin Stocks News August 9, 2013

St slides with rupee, fading growth hopes – Daily News & Analysis St slides with rupee, fading growth hopesDaily News & AnalysisOur portfolio stance remains defensive and is biased towards exporters – IT services, health care, energy and sin stocks in consumer staples,” Bharat Iyer,...
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Should You Buy Vodka Stocks Right Now?

There’s an interesting phenomenon going on right now that alcohol sin stock investors need to pay attention to. I’m going to do a terrible job of summarizing it for you in one paragraph: According to critics, Russia has taken a strong stance against the gay...
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I’ve been tickled by Timothy Sykes

I’m a long-time fan of Timothy Sykes. His info is helpful and his style is compelling. And recently he tickled me. Well, not literally. He was kind enough (or foolish enough? You choose) to link to our blog (actually to our growing list of sin...
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Sin Stocks News August 2, 2013

5 Vice Stocks That'll Test Your Conscience – Investorplace.com 5 Vice Stocks That'll Test Your ConscienceInvestorplace.comBut this reluctance by many investors to embrace vice stocks is precisely what makes them such profitable investments. Because professional investors like to avoid being associated with merchants of death...
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