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Sin StocksIn her Motley Fool article on vice stocks (from, like, WAAAAAAAY back in February), Alyce Lomax talks about why we should start exploring the idea of redefining what we call a “vice stock” (or “sin stock”). She includes a number of other stocks that might be worth calling vice stocks. We’ve covered some of them here before.

You should go read her full article but briefly, she’s suggesting that we add the following companies to the list.

  • Companies that use a lot of sugar
  • Financial companies
  • For-profit educators

(Read her full article here).

So what do you think? Is she right? Do these companies promote “sin”? We as Sin Stocks Report have asserted in the past that companies contributing to obesity and financial firms are both in the batter’s box when it comes to sin. In other words: They’re probably not considered sin just yet but give them time!


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