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I started Sin Stocks Report because I was interested in sin stocks (and have been for nearly 20 years) and I didn’t think anyone else was covering the topic with any great consistency.

The subject matter is interesting to me and for a while I just covered this category of stocks as more of a hobby than anything else. But then the site started to pick up some steam and get a little more attention and suddenly I was getting requests for interviews and comments.

The problem is, I have no desire to do interviews and off-site commentary. But when Susannah Breslin, a blogger at Forbes, contacted me, I couldn’t say no. It was a weird experience on interview day since I’m usually the one asking the interview questions (because when I’m not wearing my skin-tight Sin Stocks Report superhero costume, I’m a writer in my day-job). Still, Susannah put me at easy while grilling me with hard questions!

End result: Sin Stocks Report got a nice, handsome little mention in Forbes. Check it out:

Looking for Mr. Sin Stock


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