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Sin Stocks News June 28, 2013

Investing in Sin Stocks – Motley Fool Singapore Investing in Sin StocksMotley Fool SingaporeCiggie Sin stocks are stocks of companies involved in the distribution or production of alcohol, tobacco, weapons, or gambling. Some people might not prefer to invest in such businesses as they find...
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5 Ways To Diversify When Investing In Sin Stocks

Many investors swear by diversification, and it is a way to help eliminate some risks in your portfolio. But what does that mean for people who want to heavily weight their portfolio with sin stocks? Does that mean you need to reduce the amount of...
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Sin Stocks News June 21, 2013

3 Ace Stocks for Firearms Investors – DailyFinance 3 Ace Stocks for Firearms InvestorsDailyFinanceMany so-called socially responsible investors outright avoid owning gun stocks and sin stocks, which can make these stocks persistently undervalued. The firearms industry faces a perennial threat from gun control legislation, but...
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Will The REAL Philip Morris Please Stand Up

It surprises investors to learn that there are actually 2 Philip Morris companies out there. There used to be one and then through the miracles of cloning and stock market spin-outs, there are now two. Investors who want to add tobacco to their portfolio should...
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Sin Stocks News June 14, 2013

How to get exposure to "sinful" stocks – Interactive Investor How to get exposure to "sinful" stocksInteractive InvestorCommodity companies account for a third of the 30 companies that make up the Sindex, with oil companies BP (BP.) and Tullow Oil (TLW) bringing resources up to...
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Are Sin Stocks “Bad”?

I get asked this question a lot and my answers are frequently long-winded and rambling. It was no different during my Forbes interview when I was asked that same question. Mercifully, interviewer Susannah Breslin didn’t put in my full answer. Allow me to answer that...
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Sin Stocks News June 7, 2013

Socially conscious mutual funds are quickly growing – Pittsburgh Post Gazette Socially conscious mutual funds are quickly growing Pittsburgh Post Gazette Islamic religious principals require Amana and other funds serving that faith community from owning investments that pay interest or earn a substantial revenue from...
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Totally Got My Forbes On

I started Sin Stocks Report because I was interested in sin stocks (and have been for nearly 20 years) and I didn’t think anyone else was covering the topic with any great consistency. The subject matter is interesting to me and for a while I...
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