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Sin StocksSin stocks are stocks that profit from vice and life’s little indulgences. Most people think of alcohol, tobacco, and gambling. But there is another group of stocks that easily fits within the definition of “sin stocks” and that is sex sin stocks.

Sex sin stocks are the kinds of stocks that sell sex. Well, not literally, because most pimps aren’t publicly traded (at least that I’m aware of).


Sex sin stocks sell sexuality and they sell the ability to have sex.

Sin stocks that sell sexuality include media companies and “gentleman’s clubs”. Frankly, there aren’t very many publicly traded pornographers and strip clubs around. Some companies that used to be publicly traded but recently went private include Playboy and New Frontier Media. Today the best example of a sex sin stock is Rick’s Cabaret (RICK), a gentleman’s club with locations throughout the US.

If there were more publicly traded companies like these, we would focus on them a little more here at Sin Stocks Report. But there aren’t.

It could be argued that there are other types of sex sin stocks, too… ones that sell the ability to have sex. These include birth control and condom manufacturers, sex aid manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies that make Viagra and Cialis. Church & Dwight (CHD) makes a number of nice, normal household products (like Arm & Hammer and Pepsodent) but they also make Trojan Condoms. Pfizer (PFE) makes Viagra and Eli Lilly (LLY) makes Cialis. These companies many not have the shock value and the don’t-tell-your-mother mystique that Rick’s Cabaret has but we do consider them sex sin stocks.


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