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Sin StocksA couple of weeks ago I posted an overview of the VICEX fund — a fund that invests in alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and conflict stocks. I listed some of their top holdings and presented it as a way that sin stock investors could own sin stocks with a little extra diversification and without the high prices.

Then I stumbled over this articles from Forbes — it’s an interview with the VICEX fund manager Gerry Sullivan by Forbes staff writer Abram Brown. I like this interview for a few reasons…

First, it’s honest. There isn’t a lot of hype. Sullivan shares his successes and his struggles. I learn so much more from those interviews than from ones where a fund manager just promotes themselves and their fund.

Second, we get a glimpse into Sullivan’s thinking. We learn about how he tries to diversify a fund that only has a narrow field of stocks to draw from.

Third, I love the very end of the interview where he talks about other types of possible sin stocks including potential “addictive” stocks like video game companies and even Apple (AAPL)!

Check out this article at Forbes: Guns, Booze and Gambling: Sinful Stocks for a Recession-Proof Portfolio.


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