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The Playbook For Investing In Millennial-Friendly Sin Stocks

Millennials. You’re either in the group, or you’re annoyed by them, or you’re a marketer who is desperately trying to decode them. Millennials are a massive group of consumers who are happy to spend money on travel, mustaches, and gourmet coffee… when they have money....
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Now Is The Time To Buy Gun Stocks

In this blog post I’m going to get pretty frank, somewhat political, and very controversial. If you’re into sin stock investing, if you’re anyone else, you’ll hate it. Fair warning. On with the post… Gun stocks are exploding (in a good way) and investors are...
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Sin Stocks News March 15, 2015

MO investors profit from others' revulsion – San Antonio Express-News MO investors profit from others' revulsionSan Antonio Express-NewsWall Street Journal columnist Jason Zweig recently highlighted a fund built specifically to take advantage of the aversion many investors feel for stocks in certain industries such as...
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Sin Stocks News February 24, 2015

Socially Responsible Investing: An Overcrowded Trade [Part One] – ValueWalk Socially Responsible Investing: An Overcrowded Trade [Part One]ValueWalkAnd while the data itself is interesting — there seems to be an anomaly as to why big tobacco and sin stocks in general outperform — there's one...
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Sin Stocks News January 13, 2015

These 5 Sin Stocks Are in Breakout Mode This Month: Altria, Lorillard and More – TheStreet.com These 5 Sin Stocks Are in Breakout Mode This Month: Altria, Lorillard and MoreTheStreet.comWhy own sin stocks in the first place? Sin stocks tend to be businesses that provide...
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Sin Stock Trends for 2015

Here are some trends I’m paying attention to for 2015: GAMBLING SIN STOCKS TO RISE 2014 saw some gains in the markets, improvements in the economy, a lowering of oil prices (and, thus, fuel prices). Although economists are entirely bullish, the man/woman-on-the-street is enjoying something...
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Does Warren Buffett Hold Sin Stocks?

Warren Buffett is the world’s oldest man most successful investor. Perhaps his success can be attributed to the fact that he was still a boy when stocks were invented, way back when the Dutch East India Company issued the first stock in 1602. Since then,...
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